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GLYNN HINES (D) At-Large Candidate

In April of 1999 I was selected by the precinct committee persons to replace the late Cletus Edmonds for the 6th district City Council seat. I have since been elected 5 times to maintain my servant-leadership role as the current longest serving member of the Fort Wayne Common Council. My goal has been and will continue to be an advocate for the residents of Fort Wayne regardless of where you live, work or play. Many people marvel at the improvements that we have made with positive developments throughout Fort Wayne especially downtown, the Riverfront, the many trails, and the airport improvements.

What many people do not realize is that it took years of planning to achieve such outstanding results. I have worked with a bipartisan approach beginning with Mayor Paul Helmke in 1999, Mayor Graham Richard and most recently with Mayor Tom Henry to move Fort Wayne forward.

Many people did not support the development of what is now Headwaters Park. Believe it or not I still have some hardliners who argue with me about the building of Parkview field. In spite of the naysayers, we have worked hard to continue the momentum of planning, organizing and implementing positive economic developments throughout the city.

When I talk to most residents they tell me they want elected officials who are accountable and that’s why I have held the “State of the Sixth District Address” for 20 consecutive years to keep the public aware of the positive housing and business developments in the district and the entire city. They also say they want a Council member who is dependable and responsive to their concerns. Many neighborhood association members have never seen their At-Large councilman in 4 years, only during an election.

I believe in creating more jobs with livable wages for workers, collective bargaining and Union representation, Neighborhood Liaison officers to improve communications with police and more focus on positive economic development throughout the city not just downtown.

My commitment to the residents of Fort Wayne is simple. I have and will continue to listen to your concerns, act on your suggestions, and support those ideas that continue to move our great city forward. Now is not the time to roll the dice with unproven leadership on City Council.
Please vote for me on November 5.

Publisher’s Note: In the interest of public education of local politics and to encourage voting, The Waynedale News offered all of the candidates in the upcoming primary election the opportunity to share their biography and goals for the office that they are running for. This came with the stipulations that they were not allowed to degrade other candidates or current policy, and they were required a minimum advertising budget for The Waynedale News area. Staying true to our non-bias news and positive outlook, we do not endorse or recommend any of the candidates on this page further than any other candidates running for office. But, these are the candidates wanting to be seen by you. Our recommendation is to use these pages as a reference when researching candidates for the upcoming primary election, make educated decisions on who you would like to see in office and most importantly VOTE on November 5 at your predestinated voting location. More information: www.allencounty.us/election-board

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Glynn Hines

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