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Listening is critical. Public servants give their community a voice. I know what I think is important, but this is not about what I think. It’s about serving you; friends, neighbors and residents in the fourth district. ALL of the fourth district.

In Waynedale, I’ve visited with the Lakewood neighborhood board and learned how they’re developing community spaces and keeping residents engaged. I’ve spoken with members of the Waynedale Chamber and seen their improvement plan for the Bluffton Road/ Lower Huntington Road corridor. I’ve talked with residents in the neighborhood.

I met a woman in Avalon Place whose house was the first built on her street, and she still loves living there. A gentleman a few streets over, who has also loved the area for many years, wants more young people to move in and love it, too.

Throughout my campaign, the three priorities I’ve heard most are safer neighborhoods, better jobs and reliable trash pickup. Our neighborhoods need better infrastructure— streets, sidewalks, lighting. We have limited resources, so we have to get creative and think differently. Unemployment is low, but many are underemployed, working below their economic potential due to a lack of high-paying jobs. We need to support and attract job creators—businesses already growing here and new businesses bringing in new jobs. And finally, while trash pickup has started to improve, some residents are still missed regularly. This is a symptom of a bigger problem. We must carefully review contracts so taxpayers aren’t stuck for months on-end paying for a service they’re not consistently receiving. I’ve worked in education, helping school districts maximize funds and keep more money in the classroom.

I’ve worked in healthcare, coaching staff to improve care through better communication. I’ve worked in business, supporting job creators here in Fort Wayne and helping clients use communication resources efficiently and effectively. And I’ve worked with my business partner to grow our communications agency, serving small businesses, rural communities and military/ defense clients.

So my problem-solving approach is strategic, relationship-based, and fiscally conservative. The issues facing our community are complex. We need an advocate who loves digging into the details, but never loses sight of the big picture.

If that’s the kind of representative you want, I hope I can count on your support in the Republican primary on May 7.

Your voice matters. Share your thoughts through our resident feedback survey at www.vote4lott.com

Publisher’s Note: In the interest of public education of local politics and to encourage voting, The Waynedale News offered all of the candidates in the upcoming primary election the opportunity to share their biography and goals for the office that they are running for. This came with the stipulations that they were not allowed to degrade other candidates or current policy, and they were required a minimum advertising budget for The Waynedale News area. Staying true to our non-bias news and positive outlook, we do not endorse or recommend any of the candidates further than any other candidates running for office. But, these are the candidates wanting to be seen by you. Our recommendation is to use these pages as a reference when researching candidates for the upcoming primary election, make educated decisions on who you would like to see in office and most importantly VOTE on May 7 at your predesignated voting location. More information: www.allencounty.us/election-board

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