Mark and Alice Castleman are back as the new owners of Waynewood Inn with a mission to restore the business to the greatness it once was, in memory of an original owner, Dick Teusch. The Castlemans bring 36 years of combined experience in the restaurant business and share a passion of rebuilding the legacy of Waynewood Inn.

Mark and Alice are working for Waynewood Inn to again be known as the best place to get a Tenderloin, Swiss steak on Wednesdays, and Fish on Fridays. “Every item on the menu has been carefully picked for quality. Our promise to you is simple; the best product at a reasonable price.” They commented.

Waynewood Inn was originally built by three partners in 1972 as a family restaurant bar and grill. By July of 2000 Dick Teusch was the last remaining partner and sold the business to Mark and Alice Castleman with Ed and Laura Scherchel. In 2005, Ed and Laura bought the business from Mark and Alice. Ten years later, in 2015, Ed and Laura sold the business to Lynn and Penny Van Hoozen. In July of 2018, Mark and Alice Castleman returned as owners of the restaurant.

Now, 6 months later, the Castlemans feel that they are on the right path in achieving their goal of rebuilding Waynewood Inn back to its original glory. Their most recent honor is being named one of the top 5 best dishes to have in 2018. The Castlemans attribute this recent accomplishment to their hard-working staff, and most importantly their loyal customers.

“We look forward to continuing to bring you the best products at reasonable prices for many years ahead. If you haven’t heard of us, come on in! We look forward to meeting and serving you.” On the behalf of Mark, Alice and Waynewood Staff.

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