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I have lived in Waynedale since 1970. I have seen changes in that time. One, is that as a community, we are not as clean as we used to be. I bike and walk around our fine little hamlet. I like seeing what my neighbors are doing with their front yards, to get some ideas.

We have a lot of homes where the owners keep them clean and well maintained. I take pride in being part of that. I also see all the trash that diminish our efforts to improve our immediate surroundings. Our environment affects our personal psychic in a positive, or negative way. Trash build-up is one of the signs of a decaying community. Clean makes us happy.

I have little tolerance for trash. Every day I see the trash that was left the night before on my block. I have adopted my block and daily pick up the trash. You see, it is my block. It is my front yard.

By: Wayne D.

Editor’s Note: As community advocates, we at The Waynedale News encourage all residents to help keep our neighborhoods clean. Now that the snow has melted, revealing trash and other items from over the winter, please be on the lookout on your property and within your neighborhood for trash to pick-up. If you see it, please pick it up!

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Wayne D.

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