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Christmas time is here again, and for the Waynedale community that means a special event that has become a staple of the season in the past few years! Prairie Grove Chapel will once again be holding their annual Christmas services on Saturday, December 23 at 5pm and 7pm.

The Prairie Grove Chapel and its admirers have a lot to celebrate as this year comes to a close. The chapel has a brand new coat of paint on the outside, and through a very generous donation, repairing inside cracks, painting the interior and insulating the attic have all been earmarked for the future.

Prairie Grove Chapel and its outhouse in the cemetery are amongst some of the oldest structures in Fort Wayne, being built in the 1850s. Now, 150 years later and with the support of the Waynedale community, this historic chapel is receiving regular upkeep and currently completing paperwork to get the structure listed on the historic registry.

Please join in worship on Saturday, December 23 as the Waynedale community comes together for fellowship, Christmas spirit and to show a continued support of this Waynedale gem.

Merry Christmas!

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