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Southwest Honey Co. has been working hard over the past couple of years to generate awareness within our community of the difficulties that honey bees are facing on a daily basis. Many have shown support by purchasing honey or perhaps attended an educational event “Explore the Honey Bee” for kids at the Waynedale Library or “Bees and Brew” at the Southwest Conservation Club. Regardless, they have received a great amount of responce and ‘buzz’ in the Waynedale community. Co-Beekeeper, Megan Ryan shared, “Each of our community members is instrumental in helping improve the dire situation of the honey bees.”

Did you know that these tiny but mighty pollinators are responsible for over $15 billion dollars’ worth of our agriculture and 80% of the pollination required for our crops to grow? With statistics like these, it is said we should thank a honey bee for 1 out of every 3 bites of food we take.

With this information in mind, have you ever thought to yourself, “I Wish I could do more for honey bees?” or “How can I help?” Maybe you’re not a beekeeper, or you don’t have land space, or simply don’t have the time to learn but you still want to help the declining bee population. Southwest Honey Co. has just the solution. You can now Adopt A Hive for a year. They have 35 sustainably kept hives that need to be “adopted” in preparation for the upcoming 2018 season. For just over 50 cents a day, one could be yours. So just think, as the bees prepare to bed down for winter, wouldn’t it be exciting if they emerged in the spring knowing that someone in the community was looking out for them?

This brand new Adopt A Hive program is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved! Adopting a hive helps to cover a portion of the large expenses of beekeeping equipment needed and the maintenance that it takes to properly care for a colony throughout an entire season. Surprisingly to many people, beekeeping is not cheap and takes not only a lot of time, research and patience, but is also a lot of materials and upkeep.

So, here’s how it works: Southwest Honey Co. cares for your adopted hive in one of their local and sustainable apiaries. In thanks for a one-year adoption of a hive, the beekeepers and the bees will gift you:
– A Beehind the Scenes Beekeeping Experience – Hive & Apiary Tour (up to 6 people) A chance to suit up and visit a real beehive with beekeepers
– Seasonable Updates- Learn all about your hive and what the bees are up to throughout the year
– Name Your Queen- Which will include your name as well as your queen’s name on a sign near the hive
– Certificate of Appreciation: A word of thanks directly from the queen bee in your hive
– 4ct, 12.6 oz. Bottles
of Honey
– 2ct, “Save The Bees”
– 6ct, “Save Indiana Bees” Bumper Stickers

Southwest Honey Co. also says that this is a great way for families to learn about pollinators together or for local businesses to support the cause by Adopting A Hive.

So, buzzzzzz on over to southwesthoney.com/product/adopt-a-hive/ for more information, or give Southwest Honey Co. a call at 260-609-2897 if you would like to find out how you can help ‘Save The Bees!’ The number of hives are limited so this is a first come first served basis.

The bees say “Thank you” in advance.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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