Jaxton Orr won the 2017 Hobie Bass Open (youth division) on Kentucky Lake! Jaxton is 14-years-old and is the same Fort Wayne resident that set the state record on July 19th last year for the largest spotted gar caught.

Every year, the Hobie Bass Open draws professional kayak anglers from all over the country as anglers compete for two qualifying spots to represent Hobie’s Team USA at the Hobie World’s Fishing Tournament. Jaxton pleaded to fish as an adult, but the hard cut-off is 16 years of age. If Jaxton would have been permitted to fish in the adult division, he would have placed 13th in a field of 114 seasoned adult anglers…most of whom fish as a career and are sponsored.

Kayak angling is becoming a huge sport among fisherman and Jaxton Orr represents the kayak fishing community well and with complete passion. Tournaments are CPR (Catch-Photo-Release) where the winner is determined by the combined length of his 3 biggest fish by submitting pictures to an app where judges determine official length of each fish submitted.

The 2017 Hobie Bass Open was a 2-day tournament on the legendary 185-mile Kentucky Lake. Jaxton had a total of 49” caught on Day 1 and a whopping 53.25” turned in on Day 2 bringing his tournament total to 102.25”. Jaxton won the tournaments youth division and would have placed 13th in the adult division.

Jaxton obtained his first Hobie kayak last year from Fort Wayne Outfitters and is passionate about pursuing a spot on the Hobie Fishing Team. He already has the support of so many anglers in the Hobie kayaking community!

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