The weather this winter has been very unusual-so warm these last few weeks that I’ve been wanting for a couple of months to get outside for some spring activities, both the fun and the necessary. I see that I’m not the only one thinking along these lines. I recently enjoyed reading Camille Garrison’s excellent article in The Journal Gazette (February 24) about walking along Winchester Road with her friend, Kathy Freiburger collecting treasure and trash for a little exercise and community service. I was reminded that we, the Wayne Township office, should start thinking about our own outdoor cleanup activities.

Our maintenance staff and our workfare department clients, both led by Director Michael DePew, are always busy about the property here keeping our lots cleared of snow and debris, our bushes trimmed and in the fall, the tree leaves picked up. There will be fewer of those from now on, though, as Indiana Michigan Power just had the row of trees along our property and Superior Street cut down and removed. I liked those trees—sunburst locusts planted when our building was new over thirty years ago. They’d gotten quite tall and were pretty in the summer with those tiny leaves that just filtered the sun. But they had grown into the power lines, and even I had to admit there was little else to be done but take them down. I often wish we could see more power lines buried in our city—both for looks and for safety. But now there will be fewer leaves to clean up for our workers.

Off our own property, we also participate each year in Fort Wayne’s Great American Cleanup. After assembling volunteers from our staff and workfare clients, we choose a neighborhood or two in Wayne Township that is in particular need of attention or we identify a family or individual with a need for cleanup assistance. We go as a group and spend a few hours picking up and cleaning up around the outdoor property. Like Camille and Kathy, we have some fun while doing a little good for the community.

The City of Fort Wayne has been sponsoring this event for over twenty years, and you can learn all about it from the Great American Cleanup page on their website. Regarding this year’s cleanup, “The event is held on the 3rd Saturday in May each year (May 20th this year). The City provides groups with garbage bags, gloves and T-shirts.  After the work is done, a volunteer celebration with food, drinks, prizes and live entertainment is held at Headwaters West from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.” Registration for Fort Wayne’s event begins on March 6.

So, as I write about our activities coming up at the end of May, I’m reminded again that I may be jumping ahead too far. I guess it just goes to show the power of a little unseasonable sunshine and warm weather. As my friend said the other day, “This seems to me a little like Indian Winter.” Yes, it is still winter-spring doesn’t come till the 20th of March.

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