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SUMMER TIME, BREAK TIME – Homeschooling Is Where The Heart Is!

Enjoy your summer homeschoolers! However you choose to spend it. Whether you’ve already started the next school year or you’re teaching a lesson here and there or you’re waiting until August, September… take a deep breath knowing much was taught and much was learned by both the student(s) and the teacher(s), in your home, this past year.

And as any homeschooling parent knows the learning and teaching never stops…but the writing of this column will while I take a breather (verb; synonyms – chill out, hang loose, mellow out, kick back, put my feet up, take a load off, unwind, take ten, loosen up, and take it easy) before my daughter begins 6th grade.

Email me with your homeschooling questions at homeschooling heart@gmail.com.

Until next month God bless you and your little or not so little ones!

Michele Andrews

Michele Andrews

Michele Andrews is a full-blown Hoosier and Waynedaler. She was born in a Fort Wayne hospital then followed her mom and dad home to Waynedale. She has seen bits and pieces of the world while serving a stint in the United States Navy. The farthest bit being St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer