MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY BURNOUT! – Homeschooling Is Where The Heart Is!

Seriously, it’s okay that you are feeling a little or a big homeschool burnout this time of year. It’s part of the human DNA.

Remember going to school when you were a kid? When December hit weren’t you thinking enough is enough, who cares what the predicate has to say about the subject? Flash forward… aren’t you thinking who cares that ¼ is simpler than 2/8? OH NO! I typed that in black and white. Once again, seriously, this feeling is not the end of the educational world and in no way implies that you are not the best homeschooling parent in the world.

You have plenty of options in your educational plan this month. Do a search on the internet to find out how other homeschool families educate during the month of December. I could tell you my strategy but I have a field trip to attend in an hour and I’m still in my pajamas. I don’t have time for this.

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Until next month God bless you and your little or not so little ones!

Michele Andrews

Michele Andrews

Michele Andrews is a full-blown Hoosier and Waynedaler. She was born in a Fort Wayne hospital then followed her mom and dad home to Waynedale. She has seen bits and pieces of the world while serving a stint in the United States Navy. The farthest bit being St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer