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MR. AMBROSE KNOWS THE FACTS – Homeschooling Is Where The Heart Is!

If you enjoyed my August article about homeschooling (parents pick their child’s curriculum) and Hoosier Academy (parents do not pick their child’s curriculum) and thought WOW that packs a journalist punch, thank Shawn Ambrose, a homeschooling father and member of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

I actually compiled a plethora of information about private homeschooling and the public schools online offering, Hoosier Academy, and thought that I had emailed this masterpiece to my editor. What I did in reality was send the interview I had not yet edited and placed my writing style upon, shocking I know. Fortunately, Mr. Ambrose is an articulate man who did not need my edits or style imposed on his responses to my questions.

You may notice that this month’s article does not contain any new or pertinent information concerning homeschooling other than the fact that Mr. Ambrose knows the facts and where to find them, speaking of which check out HSLDA’s website www.hslda.org.

As for me…..it appears I need a vacation.
Email me with your homeschooling questions at homeschoolingheart @gmail.com.

Until next month God bless you and your little or not so little ones!

Michele Andrews

Michele Andrews

Michele Andrews is a full-blown Hoosier and Waynedaler. She was born in a Fort Wayne hospital then followed her mom and dad home to Waynedale. She has seen bits and pieces of the world while serving a stint in the United States Navy. The farthest bit being St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer