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One of the good things about the advances in orthodontics is that now we can use orthopedics to address certain growth problems with the bones and jaws early on in a child’s life.

When necessary, early treatment addresses bite and jaw issues before the adult teeth come in. In these cases, the first phase of orthopedic treatment usually ends before the adult teeth erupt. When that happens, it is usually necessary for the child to have a second phase of treatment. This second phase aligns the adult teeth after they erupt.

The second phase of treatment is not the norm but it can make tremendous positive changes for a child who has major issues and sees an orthodontist at an early age.

Many times, early treatment can help avoid the removal of permanent teeth later in life and we are all about avoiding that!

Just like wearing a new pair of shoes, when you first get braces there is some discomfort. However, just as in the case with your new shoes, after a few days, things are right as rain. By using the latest low-friction braces and up-to-date technology, braces are more comfortable than ever before.

Treatment times are shorter (of course, depending upon cooperation, ie., wearing elastics, keeping teeth clean, and avoiding breakage). Yes, there is minimal discomfort. However, it is well worth it to earn a lifetime with a beautiful smile.

This is the second most popular question.

Each case is different and no orthodontist can diagnose your child over the phone! Make an appointment to see an orthodontist and become educated on what is necessary, the length of treatment and the cost will all be included.
Once you have all the information, then you can decide what is best for your family.

Financing orthodontic treatment has changed dramatically in the last few years. No longer do you need to have thousands of dollars down before starting treatment.

Today, an orthodontist can assist you by accepting insurance, lowering payments, extending payment times, working with “cafeteria” plans, automatically drafting your credit card or bank account and many other conveniences.

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It will change your child’s (or your) life!

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Dr. Timothy J. Bussick, D.D.S., M.S.

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