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I thought about being Jewish, but they passovered me.

The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards, they simply are the ones who care the most.
Charles Schultz
Creator of the Peanuts cartoon

The Ass
My friend, Fritz, made a not so funny comment.
When I looked at him, he said, “I was just being a wise ass.”
“You might be an ass,” I replied, “but you’re not that wise.”

Juan’s Brother
On Saturday mornings I meet my son John, along with a couple of other friends for breakfast.
The cashier is a young man named Juan.
His brother also works there, but I didn’t know his name, so I said, “Juan, is your brother’s name Two?”
“No, what made you ask that?”
“You know Juan and Two.”
He thought that was a good Juan I thought it was Two!

Extra Storage
As we age the skin under our eyes becomes thinner and looser, which allows fluids to collect there, causing those hated bags. Hell, if my bags get any bigger, it’ll give me a place to store my luggage, which will save me a bundle.

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