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Local farmer Andrew Wyss has directed a $2,500 donation to the St. Aloysius Catholic School. Funded by America’s Farmers Grow Communities, the donation will help the school purchase a license for an online math practice and assessment program.

Thanks to the support of farmers across the country, more than $3.2 million is being directed to nonprofits in 1,289 counties in 39 states.

When asked why he chose the organization, Wyss said, “Our family has attended the school for five generations. When you give to a school you get a return on your investment because they’re educating your children, who grow up to serve the communities we live in. I want to express my appreciation. St. Aloysius will really benefit from this.”

America’s Farmers Grow Communities works directly with farmers to support nonprofit organizations like the St. Aloysius Catholic School, who are doing important work in their communities. The program offers farmers the chance to win $2,500, which is then donated to the farmer’s nonprofit of choice. The search for funding to sustain and enhance programs is a year-round job for nonprofit organizations across the country. Through America’s Farmers Grow Communities, farmers have been able to support a variety of groups, such as schools, fire departments, community centers and youth organizations like 4-H and FFA.

America’s Farmers Grow Communities launched in 2010, and has since donated over $16 million to more than 6,500 nonprofit organizations across the country. America’s Farmers Grow Communities, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, is part of the America’s Farmers initiative, which highlights and celebrates the important contributions of farmers like Andrew Wyss.

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