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JMEDICAL-JEFFJ Medical, a supplier of new and used medical equipment to residents in Waynedale, will celebrate their first year of business in May 2014. Owner Jeff Siples said he has really enjoyed meeting so many new people and reports over 70% of his business comes from people driving by on Lower Huntington Road and seeing his sign. He only advertises in The Waynedale News but is looking forward to adding a website soon.

Jeff opened his store after leaving a long time position, where he managed a larger store that catered to insurance-based medical equipment. With the onset of sky-high deductibles, Jeff wanted to provide medical equipment below insurance rates and help people save on their deductible cost.

“Many of our common items like walkers, commodes, and walking boots are priced around half off the insurance rates. If a person or family ever reaches their deductible level, they can usually file their own insurance and get reimbursed to save money. Why pay full insurance rates if you never reach your deductible levels.” The exceptions are standard Medicare and most Medicaid insurance plans.

While J Medical seldom deals in powered mobility equipment, Jeff carries a full line of mobility options including canes, walkers, rollators, transport chairs, wheelchairs, and knee walkers. Their knee walkers can be rented, and the wheelchairs can be rented or purchased. They stock standard size mobility equipment but special order larger heavy duty equipment as needed including wheelchairs up to 30-inch seat width. Delivery for special orders are usually completed within 2-5 days. Jeff carries a variety of urological supplies in stock but also stocks monthly orders for repeat customers.

“My customers often place monthly orders and feel comfortable knowing I will stock their order from month-to-month. I think they feel special to know I will always have their next order on hand.”

Jeff says it is much more fun to talk to people all day instead of insurance companies and he hopes more people stop in to see what is in the store.

“We have a pretty complete line of equipment and I like helping people find the safest solution for both long and short term needs.”

Jeff would like to thank the Waynedale Community for the support in his first year and hopes to grow the business in the following years. He would also like to invite you to stop in and say hi and browse his selection at his store at 2505 Lower Huntington Road, in Waynedale or give him a call at (260) 705-6139.

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