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My wife loses a lot of things… until she finds them.

The Quiz
I pulled into Mike’s to get my car washed and said to the attendant, “If you guess why I’m washing my car, I’ll give you ten bucks.”
“Because it’s dirty.”
“Because there’s bird poop on your roof.”
“I didn’t know that, but nope.”
“Because your wife made you.”
“Okay, I give up.”
“Because we need the rain.

Their Day
If Congress was to set aside a day in their honor…I would suggest April 1st.
Do you think I’m being too easy on them?

Fools Rush In…
Why in the world would anyone want to get involved in a relationship that has about a 50/50 chance of failing; which if it did, could cost them half or more of their assets and possibly up to twenty years or more of other payments? In addition, there is a good chance that their ex-partner might possibly do their utmost to ruin their reputation and become a lifelong enemy.
Is that why angels don’t marry?

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