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Organized 4U, LLCToday’s throw-away society tends to leave people with a lot of “things” when possessions are not discarded, sold or given away after they no longer are needed. The result is that closets are cluttered, cupboards become unmanageable, countertops get buried, and garages don’t have enough room for a car.

To alleviate the problems associated with having too many “things,” a local entrepreneur has founded a new business to help homeowners restore order to their lives. Chris Renner became interested in professional organizing after helping his parents downsize their possessions so they could move from their house into a senior apartment. The experience inspired him to found Organized 4U, LLC, to help people de-clutter or downsize their homes and maintain an organized lifestyle.

Renner started his company after working for three decades in engineering and manufacturing, where he was responsible for organizing several electronic laboratories and improving the overall efficiency of workspaces.

“I have always felt a need to have everything in its place, so working as a Professional Organizer® comes natural to me,” according to Renner. “I am a planner and very goal driven by nature. When others see a mess, I see the potential for organization and I envision just how to make it happen. I am constantly looking for ways to improve things,” he said.

Organized 4U helps homeowners organize closets, basements, garages, attics, and living spaces, and specializes in assisting with downsizing and complete move management for senior citizens. Renner has observed that every situation is unique, and “I help homeowners find a workable solution that fits their lifestyle,” he said. As a Professional Organizer®, he goes to his customers’ homes and helps them establish a system of organization that works for them. “I help them sort through the clutter and find a home for everything in a way that allows them to find it again,” he said.

Renner is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers® who worked with business advisors Wes Shie and Mary Popovich of the Northeast ISBDC to get his company up and running. “The NE-ISBDC helped with the initial setup and demographics as well as marketing ideas and brochure design. Also, they helped me write a business plan in order to secure financing,” he said. While he currently serves as the firm’s sole employee, Renner said he hopes to grow his business locally and become well known in the professional organizing industry and in senior move management.

For more information on Organized 4U, visit www.Organized4U.com or call Renner at 260-557-7804. To learn more about the services of the Northeast ISBDC, visit www.isbdc.org or call 260-481-0500.

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