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We are pleased to announce that the following individuals were awarded the Ralph Taylor Award for Driver Education: Edgar Alarcon, a sophomore at Bishop Luers High School, and Christina Martinez, a sophomore at Wayne High School. Both students received an award to attend a driver education course at Precision Driving located on Coldwater Road. This unique award is sponsored by Drive Alive and is distributed on an annual basis to students who complete an application and submit an essay focused on driving safety.

This award draws attention to the importance of driver education for the well-being of our community. Driver education can help reduce traffic crashes by improving driving skills and understanding of better risk perception and decision-making. While parents and guardians have an important role teaching their children to drive, they can be assisted and supported through driver education.

Drive Alive is a non-profit agency dedicated to reducing the number of deaths and injuries among young drivers by providing educational resources and support for parents and youth through a year-round emphasis on safe teen driving.

In 2005, Ralph Taylor, an Allen County deputy coroner, and many other community leaders became alarmed by the rising number of teen deaths on local roads. Mr. Taylor helped to start a community-wide discussion regarding teen driving issues and methods to address this tragic issue. With Mr. Taylor’s boundless energy and leadership, Drive Alive was founded.

Mr. Taylor was devoted to Drive Alive and its positive impact on the safety of our youngest, most vulnerable drivers. Drive Alive is a testament to his selfless devotion to our community. The Drive Alive Ralph Taylor Award helps to continue Mr. Taylor’s legacy by providing scholarships to area youth to attend driver’s education course. The goal of the award is to recognize the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to safe driving habits.

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