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Mayor Tom Henry and Fifth District Councilman Geoff Paddock congratulate Lois Eubank, Born Again Quilts on her commercial façade grant award.Mayor Tom Henry recently announced the ten businesses awarded commercial façade grants to enhance their buildings and surroundings. The Quimby Village Clyde Theater (The Clyde), Billie’s Dugout and Born Again Quilts all located in the Waynedale vicinity were winners.

The commercial façade grant project allows businesses in targeted economic development areas to apply for funds to enhance their building’s exterior and add/improve other amenities such as lighting, signage, awnings and address Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliance issues. The grants reimburse up to 50% of the proposed costs. The program does require applicants to prove they have already invested in their property’s enhancement to be eligible.

These three projects exemplify that both big and small projects can benefit.

The Clyde a former grand theater built by Clyde Quimby in the early 1950s is being made over into a multi-purpose/mix use project. The space is being renovated, not restored. The façade grant will provide for new energy efficient windows to replace the broken ones on the second floor, energy efficient lighting, new fascia, and many new doors. Sidewalks adjacent to the theater will be rebuilt for safety and accessibility. To undergo a major renovation takes a lot of young energy to make it happen. The man with the vision and the energy to power it is Rick Kinney owner of Even Keel event productions LLC. Rick understands people’s desire to see the “Old Clyde” return, but it just isn’t possible. Too much of the “Old Clyde” disappeared under former ownership. One thing Rick would like to restore to its former place is the Clyde sign. If anyone knows of its whereabouts, please contact him at 442-8181 or rick@evenkeelevents.com. When the transformation is complete the impact of it on not just the rest of Quimby Village but the surrounding neighborhoods too will be immense.

I have never been in it, but I have been around Billy’s Dugout for a very long time. Back in the ’60s my family lived on Nuttman Avenue and we would often go to Packard Park and watch the girls play fast-pitch ball. Now that little bar is up for some big changes. Last year owner Billy Compton had $10,000 worth of interior improvements made at a fraction of the cost thanks to his loyal friends and customers who pitched in. Keeping its traditional English pub atmosphere the interior is now improved with new booths, paint and carpet. Now the exterior will be painted, and new signage and sidewalks will be added. The most widely anticipated improvement is the addition of the garden deck out back. With built -in seating, chairs, umbrella tables, and landscaped with native flowers, people will soon be able to take their beverages, sit, relax and enjoy a clear view of the softball games across the street on long summer nights. It doesn’t get better than that!

Born Again Quilts tucked away in the Southwood Park neighborhood is looking forward to new energy efficient laminated storefront windows that will cut down on the UV rays that can be so damaging to fabric. The faux stone work below the windows will be removed and replaced with brick similar to the original. Although it is only a one four-inch step, it is one step too many for people with disabilities to access the studio so a ramp will be added. A new door rounds out the projects.

So over the summer when you are out and about take a look, stop by and see what your local small businesses are doing with the assistance of the City of Fort Wayne to spruce up your neighborhood and make it a more attractive place.

The City of Fort Wayne encourages Waynedale area businesses to apply for the 2014 grant program. Contact Aliza Tourkow Redevelopment Specialist – Grants Administrator

aliza.tourkow @cityoffortwayne.org

Lois Eubank is the owner of Born Again Quilts. She can be contacted through her author profile on waynedalenews.com

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