Brig. Gen. John P. McGoff Indiana Air Chief of Staff and Col. David L. Augustine, Commander, 122nd Fighter Wing, had the distinct privilege of accepting one of the distinguished flying unit plaques presented by the National Guard Association of the United States, to the top five flying units in the Air National Guard.

Distinguished Flying Unit Plaques were established in 1959 and first awarded in 1960. These plaques recognize outstanding Air National Guard flying units.
Selection of the winner is based on overall combat readiness during the reporting year and the unit’s performance with respect to all other Air Guard flying units. Factors included in the evaluation are flying safety, aircraft operation readiness, weapons firing, unit alerts, unit manning, skill level qualifications, retention; drill attendance, operational readiness inspections, outstanding accomplishments and special missions and exercises. Also taken into consideration are any circumstances which were considered adverse to the unit.

An overwhelming sense of community spirit and drive for excellence is ever present at the base. This award comes at the end of a long year of changes at the 122nd Fighter Wing during which the unit has completed the conversion from the F-16 Fighting Falcon to be mission capable six months ahead of schedule with the A-10 Thunderbolt II. The unit recently demonstrated its unit cohesion and sense of community by hosting the Fort Wayne Airshow where over 82,000 spectators were amazed by the A-10 and many more aircraft.
“This award has the blood, sweat and tears of over 1,000 Blacksnake faces on it, both military and state employees. I could not be prouder of all of you,” said Augustine.

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