Why can’t I remember what I forgot?

No More Tricks
At our recent class of 52′ get-to-gether, the table was quite crowded and cramped. So, as Carl was trying to get up and squeeze out, his chair fell over backwards.
“Are you going to do any more tricks?” Paul, who was sitting beside him, joked.
“No,” Carl replied. “The first one didn’t go over too good!”

The Haters
Ninety percent of all women haters…are women!

The Sad Bigamist
As I was going to St. Ives,
I meet a man with seven wives.
He looked as sad, as sad can be,
While his wives droned on endlessly.

Not a single word, could he get in,
And nary a spouse acknowledged him.
He was more content when he had but one,
But he was most content…when he had none.


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