That is a good question. WHAT DO YOU DO AROUND YOUR KAMPFIRE?

Is it something productive?

Do the younger ones LEARN anything from the experience of listening to their elders talk?

Is the conversation about money, sex, religion, politics, or something of even less value like someone’s personal problems!

Listen to what is going on at the next kampfire you attend. Change your tactics and make the kampfire a productive and fun experience for the young ones AND make it interesting for the others that are there. Tell everyone to either make it a productive experience or leave the area and mean it. Now let’s get started.

Today or tonight the subject is ‘bread’. That’s right, BREAD! It’s something that you or probably no one there has even been thinking about. Go into the kampfire circle prepared so this means you are the all-knowing leader so prepare early for it. First of all, practice at home so you aren’t making a baking fool of your self in front of all who are watching you with wide-eyed enthusiasm to learn what you seem to know.

Just follow the numbers.

1 – Use Bisquick baking mix-it’s simple to use.

2 – Get some clean dowel rods of different thicknesses – season them by coating with oil and then wiping them dry.

3 – Have a large bowl handy to mix the dough in and a dough board or a clean wooden canoe paddle.

4 – Have a milk jug or a rinsed out Clorox jug full of water handy to clean your hands or to add to the dough if it’s too thick.

5 – Have plenty of paper towels handy for cleanup.

6 – Mix dough according to directions on box.

7 – Take a ball of dough and roll it out on the breadboard (paddle) into a ‘snake’ and wrap it around one end of a dowel rod. Hold it close to the fire and bake the bread. You will know when it’s done. Serve with butter and jelly.

8 – Take another ball of dough and jam it down on the top of the fattest dowel rod and bake by holding it close to the fire. Take the bread (called thumb print bread) and fill it with syrup, jelly, or salsa. Eat and enjoy.

9 – Let everyone take a turn so have plenty of ingredients handy.

10 – Next kampfire make pudgy pies, S’mores, or Tarzan Steak.
Never let a good campfire go to waste. It’s called eat and learn.

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