Front row, left to right: Joan Gotschall, Ivadine “T” Long, Mary Graham Middle row: Vi Essig, Verl Oberlin, Helen Blackledge, Mary Dove, Mary Wilhelm Back row: Maxine Ford, Gladys Lambert, Jean Keuneke, Jessie Fern WoodwardSchool Days, School Days, Good Old Golden Rule Days…Nothing gets children more excited than spring fever and knowing that the end of the school year is just around the corner.

Can you imagine closing out the school year 42 times? Verl Oblerlin sure can. He has had the opportunity to share his knowledge with thousands of young individuals. Verl remembers one class trying to save up to purchase a set of golf clubs for him as a gift. They were taken aback by the cost and revised their gift to him. But, as he fondly remembers, “it was the thought that counted.”

Ivadine “T” Long is glad she was a teacher then rather than now. “Too much paperwork and testing nowadays” she says. “It is truly a great profession and it was really a pleasure to teach at one of the top elementary schools,” she said, speaking about Indian Village Elementary.

When pressed to name a special student, Jessie Fern Woodward will never admit to having just one at Hillcrest School in Missouri. “They were all my favorites,” she tactfully stated.

Kingston Residence celebrated Teachers Day the first week of May and is proud of their principals, teachers and aides: Helen Blackledge, Southern Heights, 45 years; Mary Dove, Waynedale Elementary, 20 years; Vi Essig, Emmaus Lutheran, 25 years; Maxine Ford, Washington Center, 25 years; Joan Gotschall, Southern Heights, 40 years; Mary Graham, Southside 35 years; Jean Keuneke, Southern Heights, 18 years; Gladys Lambert, Bristol, IN, 2 years; T Long, Indian Village Elementary, 15 years; Verl Oberlin, New Haven, 42 years; Mary Wilhelm, Waynedale, Franke Park, Study, Franklin, 35 years; Jessie Fern Woodward, Hillcrest, 33 years.

Please enjoy an original poem written by Kingston resident and former teacher, Jean Keuneke.

Not every child who comes to me
Will be a man of destiny;
Yet each one has his part to play.
My job? To start them on their way;
To set small feet on paths that lead
To fulfillment of each child’s need
To find a spot where he can do
The kind of work he’s suited to.
When those young faces turn to me
So full of trust then I can see
Bright promise of tomorrow’s dreams
And teaching becomes joy, it seems.
As on life’s way these children start
They take with them, part of my heart.

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