Part IV of IV

Heidio was the last to have an exciting time. What would it be? Well, it was a totally different experience. She was at the beach with the other three dwarfettes when she put her hand into the pocket of her shorts. “What’s in there?” she thought. She was always stuffing something into her pocket. It was a small piece of chocolate fudge! So she licked her chops and took a big bite. Zap, she was in some kind of store. One whiff and she knew what kind of store it was – fudge! She started to wander around to see how fudge was made. In one area they were blending the ingredients to make fudge. In another area people were stirring a big copper caldron and cooking the fudge to the proper temperature. In a far corner they were spreading the hot fudge out on a marble table and working it until it cooled and could be cut. The last table found people cutting the fudge and packing it into little white boxes.

There was lots of activity in this room. Since Heidio was snooping around, it occurred to her that no one was noticing her. She found out that she was invisible. Wow, she could now taste all different kinds of fudge! There was maple syrup, cotton candy, apple blossom and of course, chocolate, caramel and lots of others. Well, Heidio ate and ate until she was stuffed. All of a sudden, someone said, “Little girl what are you doing here?” Heidio didn’t know she could be seen. The jig was up. The workers knew what she had done.

“Did you eat some of our fudge?” a little old lady asked. Heidio had to tell the truth. “Yes, I did,” she replied. “Please forgive me, it tasted so good,” she added. “This time we’ll let you get away with it, but next time you’ll have to pay,” said the manager. Heidio was stuck and didn’t know how to get back to the beach. “Oh dear” she sighed, “What do I do now?” she mumbled. And with that she fell asleep amidst all the fudge. When she woke up she was back on the beach! She told the other dwarfettes her story. They were rather mad. “You mean you ate all that fudge by yourself?” they cried. “Sorry,” replied Heidio. But to everyone’s delight Heidio had stuffed different pieces of fudge in her pockets. She had forgotten that they were there. So all the dwarfettes enjoyed all kinds of fudge. Heidio didn’t forget to put a small piece of fudge in her bottle. Every time she ate fudge, she would think about this experience.

All the dwarfettes never forgot their Mackinac fantasies and lived happily ever after.

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