My nine-year-old stepson Nicholas Wamsley wanted to submit this letter after taking a walk in some woods today. He really feels passionate about how we take care of the environment.

Thanks Elizabeth Wamsley

We went in some woods in Waynedale today. We wanted to hike and enjoy the day.

When we got there we saw a lot of litter. There were a lot of fast food plastic cups, glass bottles, plates, plastic bags, lottery tickets and cigarettes. I think it is really horrible because it ruins the environment and kills animals. It looks like a dump.

It scared me to think about how it might ruin the earth. The oxygen and food might run out because we don’t take care of our planet.

I asked my dad and step-mom if this is something I should be worried about since I am only nine and they said, “we can clean it up and that will stop the litter from piling up.” I hope that people will stop littering and start caring.

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