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One of the followers said to her, “You must be one of our Bell Family Members. When you twirl you look like a bell and that’s what we are. We’re all Bells. Can you see our shape?”
Hannah looked at each one and, sure enough, each one looked like a little blue bell. “Yes, you do look like a bell,” she said.
“We belong to a large family of Bells,” said another bell. “We would like to have you meet some of our relatives. Would you like to do that?” sweetly sang another blue bell.
Hannah Leigh was very curious and wanted to meet the rest of the Bells. So, she said, “Yes, I would very much like to do that. But where are they?“ she asked.
“We’ll take you to meet them,” another blue bell sang.
Then something very excited happened! Hundreds of blue bells started flapping their leaves and began to fly. They circled Princess Leigh and lifted her right up in the air. She felt like she was on a soft fluffy cloud. On they flew over the hills and valleys until they came to a church with a big steeple. In the steeple was a huge bell that was ringing. “Bong, bong, bong,” it went. It was so loud Hannah Leigh had to cover her ears. Well, wouldn’t you know they had landed right by the big Bell.
“Hello, Uncle Church Bell,” said one of the blue bells. “Hello, my nieces,” said Uncle Church Bell with a voice that was so deep it fairly shook the tower. One of the blue bells introduced Princess Hannah Leigh to Uncle Church Bell. “Please to meet you,” he roared with his deep voice. “Do you know that I ring to bring all the people to the church on Sunday and sometimes at other times,” he bellowed.
Hannah Leigh didn’t know that. Her sweet little voice said, “How wonderful!” And she really meant it.
“Hannah Leigh would you show Uncle Church Bell why you are a member of the Bell family?” sang one of the blue Bells. Hannah Leigh twirled around and around in her pretty pink dress until she was dizzy and fell to the ground. Everybody laughed. Uncle Church Bell was delighted and rang his bell once, which almost knocked everyone to the floor. It was time to visit more of the Bell family. They all said their goodbyes, the blue Bells started flapping their leaves and off they went into the air carrying Princess Leigh on their leaf-wings.
It started to get colder and colder but somehow the blue Bells kept Princess Hannah Leigh nice and warm. She started to hear tinkling bells in the distance and they got louder and louder. They were so pretty and there were lots of them, what could they be?
To be continued.
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