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Part three of three
“Attention my good friends!” said the white bearded gentleman as his face saddened. “I come with bad news. We can no longer live not knowing who we are and what our country is. Once again our land is invaded by these gentile white flakes from the sky and this mysterious sweet music which fills our ears,” he proclaimed. A large tear ran down over his red cheek. “I proclaim a state of emergency,” he said with a sniff. “To a person who can’t tell us who we are and why we are here”, goes this diamond studded star. “It is the most beautiful possession and is filled with all our love, kindness and generosity,” he said firmly. He then turned around and made his way through the crowd and out of the square.
By now the square was buzzing with talk. “Who could help us?” they are saying. Hans was also sad. He seemed to like these people but they were so strange. He thought of their “white flakes.” “…that’s snow and it falls in winter,” he said to himself. “And the music sounds like carols. The people are so kind and the animals talk,“ he mumbled. “Carols, kind people, animals and snow equal…equal…CHRISTMAS! They are in the Christmas season and they do not know it. Christmas carols are the music and they do not know the words. They could be truly called the Christmas people,” he exclaimed.
His mind was racing with all these thoughts as he pushed his way through the crowd and raced up the stairs onto the platform. “Attention,” he yelled, “I know who you are!” Everyone turned and looked at him in amazement. “This strange looking boy knows who we are?” they thought. “You are the Christmas people!” he said. ”Christmas people,” they all mumbled questioningly. “You must do as I say,” Hans continued. “You must build a crèche here in the square quickly and place the baby Jesus in the crèche,” he said excitedly.
Suddenly everyone listened with excitement as Hans told the men of the village how to build the crèche and showed the women how to make wreaths and put candles in their windows. He also told them of the Wise Men and how we exchange gifts as a token to the Christ Child. They listened anxiously and excitedly as Hans explained the snow and carols. Quickly they followed his instructions and built a stable making sure to leave room for the animals and shepherds. Soon the village was sparkling with candlelight and in the village square was the completed crèche. Now they filled the cradle with straw and placed baby Jesus in it. Two of the village folk played Mary and Joseph.
Hans explained that Jesus brought love to the world and set a good example for people to live by. “You have followed His example but you did not know why” he said warmly. “You are the Christmas people!” he proclaimed happily.
The crowd suddenly moved back and the little white bearded gentleman reappeared. He had heard and seen the wonders Hans had brought to his people. “You must take the star, my son,” he said.  As Hans reached out for the star it slipped out of the old man’s hand and came to rest over the head of the baby Jesus. How it sparkled and shone! The manger scene seemed to glow and the entire village fold fell to their knees in amazement. Even the village animals poked their heads through the crowd for a better look. The mysterious music, which flowed throughout the village suddenly, produced words in the mouths of the onlookers. “Joy to the world the Lord is come, Let Earth receive her King, Let every heart prepare for Him room, And heaven and nature sing!”
And the people rejoiced and welcomed Hans to their newly named Village. And he lived happily with them forever and ever.
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