That’s right, we will pay you to come to our website! has recently been updated to give the site a new look and to make it easier to use. We’ve also added a place where you can add your comments, reviews or thoughts to each of our articles. From now until January 10th, 2011, for every article you share comment on using over one hundred words, you will receive a dollar towards the prize of the month. Please read the article thoroughly and make sure your comment is well thought out and something others can respond to, or it will not be accepted. You will know a comment is accepted because it will remain on the website after 24 hours, so come back and check.
As a bonus from now until January 10, 2011, sign up for our e-news letter and will also receive a free dollar towards the prize of the month.
This month’s prize is a $5 gift certificate to Azar’s Big Boy on the corner of Bluffton and Lower Huntington Road, so you will need to comment on at least 5 articles to redeem it or 4 articles and a signup for the e-newsletter. Remember prizes are allocated in $5 increments; so if you comment on 7 articles, make sure you comment on three more to make it a $10 reward! Keep track of the names of the articles you comment on and after January 10th, 2011, you may stop in to The Waynedale News office on 2700 Lower Huntington Road, in Waynedale, to redeem your prize(s) for this month.
So what are you waiting for? Jump online. Share your comments, sign up for the newsletter and earn some free food!

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