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Mike Avilla…you will hear nearly every candidate answer questions about jobs or express their desire to bring employment to the people of Allen County. I am no exception. One of my main goals as County Commissioner is to find ways to create jobs for the people of this community. Where I might be different from other candidates is in how I approach the problem. Rather than giving tax incentives to just any company that locates its business in Allen County, I will support putting tax dollars in the hands of companies who have demonstrated their ability to bring employment to the people of Allen County. We can start with using responsible local contractors and highly trained craft workers to develop the site and to build the physical structures, which would reduce unemployment in this area. I believe with the I-469/69 loop we have a great transportation system around Allen County and that this provides a tremendous opportunity for large and small business growth in our community. The permanent jobs created by tax incentives will give us the base that will be needed to grow into the future.

Since tax dollars are used as incentives for these ventures, I believe it is important to maintain an open and transparent government. This would allow the citizens to be informed about how their money is being spent. An oversight board should be in place to review the progress of employment and the growth of each business. If the performance is not reflecting the agreed upon guidelines, then the county should reclaim the tax dollars and reapply them to an employer who can grow the worker base in Allen County.

Every elected official should work hard every day they are in office. As the County Commissioner, I will be accountable to the people I represent. It is very important for county government to be in communication on a daily basis with the city of Fort Wayne, all of the branches of government in Allen County, and the surrounding areas. It takes leadership to communicate in a consensus fashion to achieve the goals that will enhance this community. Let’s build a better community together! Please vote November 2nd for candidates who have a vision for the future and a realistic approach to the present. My name is Mike Avila. I am a lifelong resident of Allen County and a candidate for Allen County Commissioner. Authorized by the Mike Avila for Commissioner Committee.

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