I truly love living in Waynedale. I like the culture, community, most business and even enjoy the jets that fly over my house. I use accounting, insurance, pharmacy, grocery, and market services as well as eating at local restaurants. I even had my lawn mower tuned up at a local shop. All of my contacts with these services have been positive.

My daughter and two granddaughters moved back to the area last winter from Georgia and stayed with me for one month. In that short time my daughter came to like Waynedale and decided to reside here. She and my granddaughters attended the Waynedale picnic and my daughter felt that the picnic was better than similar events at IPFW.

Wayndale has a precious small town feel even though it is part of a large city. There is usually an exception to every rule and I would like to make people aware of one here locally. I do this not to condemn Waynedale whatsoever and wrote this article in behalf of dog lovers. I have two dogs. I have had dogs all my life.

One of my dogs is a 7-year old yellow lab. She is a diabetic and is blind from cataracts and needs good quality veterinarian care. I have been a diabetic since 1990 so the disease is not foreign to me. I will give a few examples of the poor care and practices of the local animal clinic. My dog needs insulin, two shots per day. The clinic charges $120 per vial which struck me as outrageous. Dogs take human insulin so I checked with local pharmacies as to their cost. Average was $50. A good analogy would be if the clinic was the only automotive repair shop in town they would be charging $100 for an oil change instead of $20-$30 saying that’s what their oil distributor charges. I give only one more example. Being a diabetic dog she needs to see a vet a minimum of one time per month. Over the course of one year the vet has looked at and actually touch my dog on only two occasions leaving the care to technicians. I could go on but I feel the reader and dog lovers grasp the situation. I’m sure that the clinic has a strong core who are satisfied with the clinic care. Yet there may be a significant number that have had concerns but did not know how to address them. Dogs do not have official advocates other than their owners. One could always contact the North East Better Business Bureau or the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.

Again I wrote this with the intent that Waynedale maintains quality business and the pets and their owners in this area receive appropriate care and services.


Kurt Wheeler


The Waynedale News Staff
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