The Star Wand(Part two of two)

She started thinking about the mailman. He was always so cranky. He never said hello when Hannah would talk to him. Or if he said anything it was how bad the day was or how busy he was. “Here comes the mailman,” she said to herself as she looked out the window. She raced out the front door to greet him.“ Good morning Mr. Mailman,” she said with her best happy voice. “What’s so good about this morning?” he snorted. “The sun is out and the weather is wonderful,” said Hannah. “Let me touch you with my wand! said Hannah. “Don’t bother,” said the mailman, but it was too late. Hannah had already touched him and some of the glitter came off on his jacket.

Immediately his face showed a smile and he said, “Yes, little girl it is a nice day isn’t it?” Hannah was so thrilled. “It worked,” she thought. Then the mailman said something that Hannah didn’t expect. He said that he was grumpy because his wife was very ill at home and he was sorry for acting that way. Hannah felt so sad for him. She said, “I’ll pray for her to get better.” The mailman was so happy to know the little girl like Hannah would pray for his wife. From then on they were the best of friends.

What Hannah didn’t see when the mailman got home to his sick wife, was that some of the glitter on his coat came off on his wife’s hair. She started to feel better immediately! The love of God was spreading because of a little girl and a star wand.

Now there was an old lady who lived in the neighborhood. Everyone knew her as Mrs. Smith. She was always alone and no one knew much about her. Hannah thought, “I’ll bake her some cookies maybe that will make her feel better. She baked some cookies and while they were still warm she took them to the old woman’s house. She rang the doorbell but no one came to the door. So, she rang again and waited. Finally, after some time she heard the latch on the door and slowly the door opened. What she saw was an old lady bent over and wearing a shabby dress. “I brought you some cookies,” said Hannah in her best voice. “Come in,” said Mrs. Smith in a high squeaky voice.

Hannah was a bit frightened but she went inside. There was stuff piled everywhere. Mrs. Smith looked so sad. Hannah felt so sorry for her. “I’m Hannah and I live just a few doors down from you. I brought you some cookies to pep you up,” she said. As the old lady took the plate of cookies, Hannah touched her with her wand and some glitter came off on her dress. “What have you done, my little one?” said Mrs. Smith. All of a sudden her voice didn’t sound so sad. “I touched you with my star wand to make you feel better,” she said. “Oh I feel so much better and happier,” said Mrs. Smith. “You know, my husband died just about a year ago and life has been hard for me.” Hannah replied happily, “I will pray to the Lord to take away loneliness.” Mrs. Smith was so touched that she cried and gave Hannah a big hug! From then on Hannah visited Mrs. Smith quite often and they would talk together.

Now you know what the star wand is all about. It was a way that God showed His love to others through a little girl and a star wand. Hannah found out later that she didn’t need to touch everyone with the star wand but just let God’s love show through her!

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