Dear Scouting Family Members and supporters:

We would like to remind you that tickets are currently on sale for the ”Shining Light Across America” BSA Centennial Celebration! Our local event will begin at 4pm with family-friendly hands on activities, exhibits and displays. At 6pm, we are having our local program, which will highlight ceremonial dancing by the Miami Nation of Indiana, the First Invitational Mascot Silly Olympics, and nationally known magician and Scouter, Giovanni Livera. At 8pm, we will join with scouts at the National Jamboree and throughout the nation for the satellite broadcast of the National Celebration from Fort A.P. Hill. This celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime event! None of our scouts will want to miss it!

In order to make sure ALL our scouts and families have the opportunity to participate in the Shining Light Across America event on July 31, 2010, we are happy to announce the following new procedure for ticket purchases. Your ticket purchase at this time will help to insure that we have programs, goody bags, and giveaways available for all ticket holders.

All individual and units are still welcome to make their purchases either in-person at the Coliseum or by using Ticketmaster. OR YOU MAY DO THE FOLLOWING. LAST DAY TO PURCHASE TICKETS THROUGH THIS METHOD WILL BE JULY 16, 2010. Tickets will remain on sale at the Coliseum, however, as the event approaches, good seating will be disappearing!

1) Contact Janice Heniser at the Anthony Wayne Council Scout Shop with your request for tickets. She can take orders for units, or individuals.

a) You may contact her by email (preferred method) at

b) You may contact her by fax at (260) 436-1824

c) You may call her at the Scout Shop at (260) 432-9593 or (800) 272-2922

d) You may visit the Scout Shop in person and order tickets

2) Indicate your method of payment–ALL TICKETS MUST BE PRE-PAID. All tickets are $5 each.

a) You may authorize ticket purchases to be deducted from your Unit Account. (Email, fax or phone orders)

b) You may send Janice a check by mail at the following address. Please be sure to send money in time to meet the July 9 purchase deadline. (Email, fax or phone)

Janice Heniser, Schust Scout Shop

8315 W. Jefferson Blvd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46804

c) You may use a credit card (phone orders only)

d) You may pay in cash at the Scout Shop

3) Determine how you will receive your tickets. Please indicate your chosen method at the time of the ticket purchase

a) Your tickets can be held for pickup at the Schust Scout Shop during open hours

b) Your tickets can be sent back to you by mail. Please give us a mailing address at the time of ticket purchase.

Tickets will be purchased several times each week. We will NOT be holding orders for one big ticket purchase. The earlier you get your purchase to us, the better your seats will be!

We cannot guarantee programs or goody bags for those who purchase after July 16th.

BE A SCOUTING FRIEND: If you are aware of Scouters or scouting families in your area who do NOT have access to email, please make sure they get this message by phone or tell them in person! We want to get the word out ASAP!

Further information is available at

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