Sixth-grade students from Saint John the Baptist Catholic School, 4500 Fairfield Avenue, Fort Wayne, participated in a get-acquainted video exchange with sixth graders at St. Benedict’s School in Handforth, England, on Thursday, April 22, at 9:30 a.m. EDT, which is 2:30 p.m. in England.

According to Saint John the Baptist Principal Jane Sandor, the principal at St. Benedict’s School, James Gallogly, and a teacher, Carole Harding, were the educators from England. Lisa Zimmerman, sixth-grade teacher at Saint John the Baptist, and her sixth-grade class were the Indiana contacts. The students have exchanged emails with power-point presentations explaining what life is like in Handforth and Fort Wayne.

The initial video cast was a get-acquainted time where ideas were shared, Sandor said.

“A project such as this requires the efforts of many people,” Sandor continued. “At Saint John the Baptist, Johnathan Brouwer, parent, and Bill Combs, Intuitive Technology consultant, have coordinated the technology needs with test runs.” Dr. Mark Myers, superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, is in support of this venture.

“We hope there will be several more learning opportunities for students in England and Fort Wayne,” Sandor added.

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