On Wednesday, May 12th Roanoke hits the big time with the big top as they welcome the circus to town in Roanoke Park. With tigers, elephants, horses and clowns, this traditional old style circus is full of family fun and entertainment and offers several ways in which families can enjoy the magic of circus events.

The fun starts at 7:30am on Wednesday, May 12th when the circus rolls into town. Spectators are invited to come and watch the animals being unloaded and fed and guides will be on hand to answer questions. At 9:00am the elephants will raise the big top with pomp and majesty as a performance that’s free to the public; all are invited and encouraged to watch the pachyderms perform their duties.

The actual shows take place under the big top tent at 4:30pm and again at 7:30pm the same day. Produced by Kelly Miller Circus, their new 2010 show has many new acts and entertainers to amaze and amuse the audiences. New this year are: Dazzling Patricia’s Hula Hoops, a Hawaiian Aerial Ballet, clowns, jugglers, bareback riders, the triple somersaulting Flying Fernandes, Luna’s highwire motorcyle and a flag waving, rope spinning Western finale. Boasting performers who hail from many nations, acts with exotic animals, professional theatrical lighting and lively circus music, it’s an event that warms the hearts of old and young alike.

“Fifty years ago, these smaller, more intimate one ring circuses dominated the country and today there are only six of them left. They were the highlight of the year for many families living in smaller communities such as Roanoke and hopefully these six will continue to thrive,” explained Mat Quickery, Roanoke Chamber President. “We hope you will join us in Roanoke to experience the charm of a circus while they still survive.”

A fundraiser for the Roanoke Volunteer Fire Department and the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund, the circus is sponsored in part by Bippus State Bank. The advance circus tickets will be on sale at the Bippus State Bank locations in Roanoke and in Huntington. The advance ticket price is a bargain:  a $25 family ticket includes 2 adults and 3 children (ages 2-11). Tickets will also be available the day of the performance: adults $14 and children $7. More information is available on the Roanoke Chamber website: www.discoverroanoke.org.

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