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TAKE ME FISHING™  Debuts Three New Patches for Scouts

TAKE ME FISHING, the boating and fishing communities’ national campaign, introduced the Scouting Patch Program recently. Three new boating and fishing patches, now available to Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, promote the merits of the sport and encourage scouts to plan and organize fishing trips using the resources found at

Passport Patch – Cub Scouts and Scouts aged 6 to 11 earn this patch by completing an introductory six-step program that teaches various skills to be knowledgeable, safe and confident while boating and fishing. The Passport to Fishing and Boating Program is recognized by the Boy Scouts of America for excellence in aquatic education.

First Catch Patch – Cub Scouts and Scouts aged 6 to 11 earn this patch by organizing a real-life fishing trip using the resources found on

Mentor Patch – Scouts aged 12 to 17 earn this patch by organizing a fishing trip for newcomers to the sport. The Mentor Patch develops leadership qualities and introduces someone new to boating and fishing.

“Because patches are an integral, exciting component in Scout subculture, we are certain that a program driven by a patch incentive and combined with the reach of Boys’ Life and Scouting Magazines, when merged with RBFF’s resources, is the perfect formula for promoting fishing, boating and conservation,” said Boys’ Life & Scouting Magazine Publisher J. Warren Young. “We are proud to have our audience, the future of America, partnering with an organization that protects the future of our waterways.”

Troop leaders can find more information in the Jan/Feb issue of Scouting Magazine. To register for the patches, visit


The TinCaps still have space available for the upcoming Boy Scout Nights. The first event is Saturday, May 22 and the second date is Saturday, June 26. Price is $8 for the game only and an additional $4 for the opportunity to campout at Parkview Field. Space is limited, but tickets and overnight opportunities are still available for both dates. Fliers are available on the AWAC Website at


As you all know, Boy Scout Troop 38 had their camping trailer broken-in-to and approximately $1,000 worth of camping and cooking gear was taken. Good citizens have started sending in $help$ to replace some of the equipment.

A Boy Scout benefactor who does not want to be identified sent a check for $500 to the troop. I will say that he is a former member of Troop 44 back in the 70s, is an Eagle Scout, and has proven to be very generous in gift giving to the Scouts in the area.

Thank you Sir; the money will be put to good use.

We would also like to mention that Adult Leader Sean McCune has promised the troop a #10 Dutch oven, Eagle Scout Patrick McCune has donated a #12 Dutch oven, and Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bienz have donated a dress uniform shirt, neckerchief, and slide to the troop.

Thank you everyone; these gifts will help a lot.

Please contact Ray McCune at 230-747-6512 if you want to donate to the troop.


Commander Ken Holoway, American Legion Post 241, is asking Scout units in the area to participate in the annual Waynedale Memorial Day Parade. If your unit would like to march in this traditional event, then please contact him at 747-7851 for more information.

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