Thanks to Bishop D'ArcyMembers of the Indiana General Assembly thanked a Fort Wayne-area bishop for nearly 25 years of service and congratulated him on his retirement, said State Sen. Tom Wyss (R-Fort Wayne).

Wyss authored a resolution honoring the Rev. John Michael D’Arcy, who retired in January after presiding for 24 years over the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

“Bishop Emeritus D’Arcy is a man of great integrity who has devoted 24 years of his life to meeting the needs of those in his diocese and beyond,” Wyss said. “He was especially dedicated to youth and the underprivileged.”

D’Arcy also supported initiatives like the expansion of Women’s Care Centers for those facing crisis pregnancies; the Matthew 25 Health Clinic for the poor in Fort Wayne; the Ave Maria House day center for the homeless; and the efforts of Catholic charities to aid refugees from Asia and Africa.

“During his time as bishop of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, D’Arcy showed his steadfast support for education by encouraging student success and working to attract and retain highly skilled teachers within area Catholic schools,” Wyss said. “We will greatly miss Bishop D’Arcy’s dedicated leadership, but we wish him a happy and fulfilling retirement.”

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