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Dancing FeatherI must be getting old. Patty Spirit Hawk keeps after me to put in writing my teachings of spiritual balance and harmony. As of the end of January, I am a young 73 years, presenting workshops for many years, and I still love to do them; dancing at pow wows. I have slowed down going to pow wows, and I believe Patty Spirit Hawk when she tells me -”share what gives you peace. Tell about the Medicine Wheel and about your lessons learned upon your Earth Walk.”

OK, here goes. There is nothing more that I desire than to share.

Let me please tell you about some joys and sorrows. In both, we must maintain our balance. We need to go within where Spirit dwells and seek spiritual wisdom so we can continue to walk in harmony.

How do we accomplish this?

The Creator will open our hearts and minds. All we need to do is knock and His door will open to us.

We will be invited in to see, meet, and journey with our many guides and teachers.

(to be continued)


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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Rev. Thomas “Dancing Feather” Ebbing

He was born & raised in Ft. Wayne is of Mohawk Indian ancestry. Dancing Feather is an ordained Christian minister & he have been a teacher of the Native American Medicine Wheel for over 20 years. He writes the "Smoke on the Wind" column in the newspaper. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer