Photo from The Waynedale News’ Waynedale history archives
Photo from The Waynedale News’ Waynedale history archives
You must be from Waynedale if you remember…


~when Scott’s Food Store was Rogers.

~when the BMV was Maloley’s.

~when Spyro’s was Burger Chef.

~when Walgreen’s was Mount Calvary Lutheran Church…and a gas station.

~when the Auto Repair business at Lower Huntington and Old Trail Road was the Ridenour Gas Station.

~when the ‘little white church’ became the ‘new brick’ church for St. Therese.

~when the OLD Waynedale grade school was on the corner of Old Trail and McArthur and the new school rose up on Elzey Street.

~having Mrs. Davis as your teacher at Waynedale Grade School.

~having Ms. Lydia as your preschool teacher at Waynedale Methodist Church.

~when the Baer Field Expressway was a field.

~when there was a bowling alley where Smith & Sons Automotive is now.

~when Waynedale Lumber was where Coe Heating and Cooling is now.

~when Broadview Lumber was where a Chinese Restaurant is now.

~when you could watch the Drive In Movie from Prairie Grove Cemetery.

~when Belmont’s (Dime Store) was where the Chase Bank is now at Lower Huntington and Old Trail Road.

~Waynedale Plumbing is probably the oldest plumbing business in the tri-state area.


…and …Umber’s Hardware is now in the 3rd generation of the family owning it.

The Waynedale News Staff

Barb Fischer

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