Cub Scout Day Camp is less than a year away. Next year’s agenda will include the making and launching of Water Bottle Rockets. Cub Scout Pack 3322, sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church at 6301 Winchester Road, will need two hundred 2-Liter pop bottles at that time. Residents of Waynedale are asked to please support the pack by saving all 2-Liter Pop bottles for this event in July of 2010.

Please wash, drain, and put them in a plastic bag and drop them off at the church during the Pack meeting on Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM or drop them off at THE WAYNEDALE NEWS newspaper office at 2700 Lower Huntington Road. Contact Ray McCune at 747-6512 for more information.

SCOUTING WITH TROOP 344 by Andy Dukarski – Scoutmaster

For the second year in a row, Troop 344 took part in the Great Tree Canopy Comeback sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department of Fort Wayne. This year Troop 344 was asked to plant trees at Shoaff Park.

The scouts gathered at Waynedale United Methodist Church and set out to Shoaff Park. The Parks Department delivered the trees to the site and drilled out holes in the location where they would like the 6-foot trees to be planted.

This is a great experience for the boys in learning another life’s lesson in Forestry and Nature. The trees needed to be planted at a certain level. Some holes needed to be filled in a little so that the proper height was obtained.

After the trees were set in the holes the chore of making sure that the trees were set straight began. Eyeing the final planting was one of the last things to do before filling in the dirt to ensure proper growth and correct alignment of the tree. Following the dirt, the Scouts moved mulch piles to surround the trees. With as much mulch left to trim, the Scouts decided to surround the older trees to use up all the mulch.
Scouts from Troop 344 that took part in this epic tree planting were John Dukarski, Rob Dukarski, Rory Lewis, Raymond A. McCune, Ian Newton, Alvaro Caro, and James Cash. Adults helping supervise were Scoutmaster Andy Dukarski and Committee Member Margaret Cash. Joining Mrs. Cash, were Cub Scout Joe Cash and daughter Miranda Cash.

Last year, Troop 344 planted trees at Fox Island. The fruits of their labor can be viewed every time they take U.S. 69 from Airport Expressway Exit heading north. Just to the east after the first overpass, the trees they planted line U.S. 69. Every time they go on an outing heading north, they point out the row of trees that they planted and over the years they can watch as they grow, knowing they had something to do about bringing the Great Tree Canopy back to Fort Wayne.


Troop Advancements:

Scouts from Troop 344 have been working hard on advancing ranks. Some of the scouts that will be awarded advancement ranks at the next Court of Honor are: Ian Newton Life Scout, Raymond A. McCune – Star Scout, Alex Taylor, Alvaro Caro, Hijiri Baker and Mason Thomas – First Class Scout. James Cash and Connor Minns – Second and First Class Scout. With hard work and more merit badges to earn at Summer Camp, these scouts will soon be on their way to their ultimate goal of Eagle Scout.

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