The March 26-April 7, 2008 USA TODAY SPORTS WEEKLY had its 2008 baseball predictions. Thirteen sports writers (experts) gave their ideas on how MLB would finish.

Not one got the World Series correct. One predicted the Mariners would win the World Series. The big favorites of the writers were Tigers mentioned four times and the Red Sox also four times. Four writers mentioned the Phillies would be the bid disappointment in the National League.

Paul White ex-editor of the USA TODAY BASEBALL WEEKLY got one divisional winner right:  the Cubs. He also mentioned that Rich Hill would be the surprise player of the National League. Remember:  He was a Cub that finished the season in the Minor Leagues.

Steve Gardner, Mel Antonen and Heather Tucher (the lone lady writer) stated the AL surprise team would be the Rays.

Ten of the writers did predict the Cubs would win the NL Central but none suggested they would win the World Series.

All-in-all the writers had a bad prediction year. This may be an indication that many Major League Baseball teams had bad years.

Next year I may make my predictions. Being wrong is no sin.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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