Spring slid by quickly, and we already are heading into Summer. My office participated in several events this Spring, with one of my favorites being the Waynedale Memorial Day Parade. I appreciate the opportunity to meet and thank the veterans who have done so much for our Country.

The Trustee’s Office also participated in the City’s “Great America Clean-Up” in a really big way. We recruited more than fifty volunteers, including staff, clients, spouses, children, grandchildren and friends of the Township to clean up limbs left by December’s ice storm. The City provided us with five trucks to accompany our crews and haul away the limbs.

About twenty-five National Honor Society students from Wayne High School worked with the Township crews too. I was so impressed by the students and how hard they worked to help with the clean-up. They deserve a BIG thanks for devoting their Saturday to this project.

Many of the neighborhoods in which we worked had numerous large piles of limbs along the curbs. We filled the City trucks many times. Our clean-up crews received several “thank you’s” from neighbors along the way for helping dispose of these limbs. The mission of our office is to help our neighbors in need, and one way we can do that is to assist in cleaning up our Township.

I have written before about the focus I have placed on helping our clients get jobs. We have made further improvements recently in our employment program.  We have established an “Employment Training Center,” with includes a computer center.

The computer center contains two computers available for use by our clients to search for and apply for jobs. Many employers now are posting available jobs on their websites and requiring applicants to apply on-line. Clients who don’t have computers or are not familiar with computers are at a disadvantage in applying for these jobs.

A client who wants to use the services of our computer center must make an appointment for a one-hour time slot. We ask clients to bring with them a copy of their resume’. If the client does not have a resume’, we refer the client to one of our partners, Educational Opportunity Center, which will help them prepare a resume’.

We have an employee assigned to the computer center to help clients use the computers to find employment. We help our clients create a free e-mail address if they don’t already have one. We assist them to find websites with job postings and help them fill out on-line job applications. We help the clients with proper wording on their applications too.

Our computer center has been open only a few weeks and already we have had over 20 persons use it. The computer center is another example of how your Township gives clients the personal attention they need to better themselves and eliminate their barriers to finding employment.

I met some of you at the Southwest Fire District Hog Roast, which helped raise money to restore the 1941 Wayne Township Pumper No. 1 fire truck. Some of you probably remember when the SWFD Station on Old Trail Road was the home of the Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department. I am so pleased the truck has returned to its original home and will be restored to preserve our Waynedale history.


Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

Wayne Township Trustee

The Waynedale News Staff
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Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

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