10 Tools for homeowners, renters, landlords, neighborhood associations


In 2009 the City of Fort Wayne will offer a range of services, programs and projects designed to assist in the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life in Fort Wayne’s neighborhoods.  

I am pleased to focus our time, talent and treasures on Fort Wayne neighborhoods in a way that promotes making them even more desirable places to live, work and play. Fort Wayne’s more established neighborhoods enjoy a sense of history and richness that is unique and original. These programs are “tools” that are specifically designed and customized to enhance these qualities.

The comprehensive nature of the programs will encourage and reward strategic investment of private and other public resources that will enhance “livability” through housing revitalization and neighborhood stabilization. Specifically, the programs will seek to achieve the following objectives:

Reversing the pattern of deterioration and recapturing the sense of place that once existed;

Increasing the livability and vitality of its neighborhoods; and
Rekindling a sense of pride among residents of the unique and to Fort Wayne.

The slate of programs, which is designed to assist individuals and families who live in or are seeking to live in older neighborhoods, offers something for nearly everyone: 

•Homeowners who need assistance with repairing a roof or furnace or who want to improve curb appeal or energy efficiency.

•Seniors who want to age in place who need handrails, grab bars or bathroom retrofits

•Home buyers who are seeking more affordable homeownership with downpayment assistance

•Home buyers who are seeking to purchase and customize vacant foreclosed homes

•Homeowners facing foreclosure who need assistance with refinancing fees to obtain a more affordable mortgage interest rate

•Landlords in good standing with the community who need assistance with rehabilitating existing rentals to make them more livable and affordable

•Renters needing help with deposits to make renting more accessible and affordable

•Neighborhoods seeking assistance with community-led clean ups and tire removal initiatives


The 2009 slate of programs includes the following programs:

*Homeowner Repair Program

*Senior & Disabled Home Modification Program

*Façade Improvement Program

*Energy & Water Conservation Program

*Home Ownership Education Courses

*Homebuyer Downpayment Assistance Program

*Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program

Purchase-Custom Rehab Program (Moderate – Middle Income Families)

*Neighborhood Clean Up Program

*Citywide Housing Notice of Funds Availability


Applications and further details can be found on the City’s website, Some program applications will close June 15. Call the Community Development

Division at 427-1127 for more information.
Details on some of the programs:
Homeowner Repair (includes Citywide, Senior/Disabled Retrofit, Façade, Energy & Water Conservation programs)
Budget: $700K
Production: Estimate of 100 owner occupants
NSP Purchase Custom Rehab
Budget: $4,660,000
Production: Estimate of 62 homebuyers
Down Payment Assistance
Budget: $350,000
Production: Estimate of 47 homebuyers
Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention (refinancing fees)
Budget: $100,000
Production: Estimate of 33 owner occupants
HOME & Affordable Housing Trust Fund RFP
Budget: $1.4M in 2009 & $1.1M in 2010

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