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In recognition of Heart Awareness Month, Lutheran Health Network is encouraging everyone to take a proactive role in their heart health by educating them on how to reduce their risk for heart disease by making simple lifestyle changes. Visit Lutheran Hospital’s Heart Pavilion or the Dupont, St. Joseph or Rehab hospital lobbies during the month of February where heart-healthy displays will be exhibited and materials for guests to peruse and take home will be available. In addition, free wallet cards to track relevant numbers like blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose for heart care will be available.

Cardiovascular disease includes high blood pressure, coronary heart disease (acute heart attack or chest pain caused by reduced blood supply to the heart muscle due to plaque buildup in arteries), stroke and heart failure. This year, an estimated 1.2 million Americans will have a new or recurrent coronary attack, according to the American Heart Association. Cardiovascular disease claims the life of about one woman per minute, more than 480,000 per year.

The American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association have determined that collectively, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes account for approximately two-thirds of all deaths in the United States each year.

As a leader in cardiac care and the region’s only heart transplant facility, Lutheran Hospital’s main entrance will be illuminated in red to remind people to take care of their hearts this month and every month.

“Heart care is about the choices we make daily,” said Joe Dorko, CEO, Lutheran Hospital. “The food we choose to eat and the amount of exercise we get determine the health of our hearts. Heart Month serves as an excellent reminder that we can prevent heart disease with the decisions that we make every day.”

Lutheran will host “Heart-healthy Cooking” at 6 p.m., February 24 at Lutheran Hospital. The free seminar will include demonstrations, options for healthier food selections and flavorful, heart-friendly recipes. Reservations are required as seating is limited. Call (260) 435-7991 for details and reservations.

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