I don’t want to be a nag, but I do want to remind you of a couple of things we went over this year. Number 1, if you received some software, such as Doom, Dungeon and Dragons or Simcity, or hardware like a new all-in-one printer, or a four camera security system you can watch over the internet, check your computer first! Once you’ve opened the software only to find out it won’t run on your machine, they might not take it back.

You have several options here so don’t panic. You can download and run “Belarc.” It’s freeware that gives you an audit of your computer, from the make and model number of each piece of hardware, to the activation code of your operating system. Including the important stuff, your operating system, processor speed, the amount of memory installed and size and available space on your hard drive. Armed with this information you can confidently compare the minimum requirements on the software or hardware package, with what is on your computer.

The other option, you can go to a site such as (, pick your game from their list of thousands of titles, and let them scan your computer to see if it is compatible.

After Christmas is always a busy time for us, trying to get vintage computers to run the latest software, so don’t suffer the cries of disappointment when all it takes is a little planning.

Point Number 2, if you are buying new equipment, monitors, printers or new systems, remember the old stuff is now considered e-waste. If you saw 60 Minutes you know most anything electronic, contains heavy metals and sometimes mercury. Now I know you old-timers are thinking to yourselves “Heck, I used to play with mercury when I was a kid and it never hurt me.” Well, that was then and this is now and we have learned a lot about what happens when our landfill and water supplies get contaminated. So don’t be a part of it. The shop where I work, Computer Genius in Ossian, is a recycling drop off location for most electronic equipment, except televisions, and it’s free.

So, enjoy the holidays, plan ahead, and think green. Any questions or comments email me at

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