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Front Row: L-R Kandy Miller, Penny Dager, Sharon Ahlersmeyer Back Row: Janet Langley, Dr. Dennis Chubinski
Front Row: L-R Kandy Miller, Penny Dager, Sharon Ahlersmeyer Back Row: Janet Langley, Dr. Dennis Chubinski
Yes, that’s it, farewell to the Waynedale Foot Clinic. The staff of the Waynedale Foot Clinic and I are no longer doing business at 6200 Bluffton Road. I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to this wonderful community for a lifetime of support.

When I started practice there the Pope was Italian, the president was a peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia, the Colts were in Baltimore and the Cubs had not won a world championship in 70 years. Since that time we’ve had three popes and five presidents. We have seen shirts that say “World Champion: Chicago Bears, Bulls, White Sox and Indianapolis Colts.” Cub fans wait ’til next century. We’ve seen O. J. Simpson: in football, out of football; in movies, out of movies; in jail, out of jail, back in jail. International Harvester moved out, General Motors moved in. The iron curtain has come down and the internet has gone up. We’ve experienced adversity: blizzards, floods and multiple visits from Hillary Clinton. We’ve had a vice president who grew up 20 miles southwest of here and two vice presidential candidates who are women.

Over the same time I have seen remarkable changes in the way we practice medicine. Procedures that once required hospital stay, non-weight bearing and plaster casts are now out patient, ambulatory and showering the next day. Diagnostic ultrasound, digital x-ray, computerized scanning for orthotics, MRI and CT scanning were all unheard of in the 70s. Now they are routine and the standard of care. We’ve come a long way because you, our patients deserve it.

When my daughter’s read this they are going to give me a hard time about it. “Gettin’ to sound like an old guy, dad.” Well, I guess I qualify and have the grey hair to prove it.

Again I would like to thank you the Waynedale community for allowing me to serve you for these thirty-plus years and ask that you allow me to continue doing so in our new location in the land of Aboite. Our new location is one mile west of I-69 on Illinois Road. Turn south (left) at the new Bandido’s. We are in the Inverness Medical Office Bldg., 8028 Carnegie Blvd., right next to the Inverness Surgery Center. Our phone # is the same 747-5572.

I would like to congratulate the ladies of THE HAIR AFFAIR who are now in our former location. We wish them well.

Final thought for those who are keeping track, the Cubs magic number for the 2009 season is 163 and Hillary Clinton’s next presidential campaign starts November 5.


Thank you very much.
Dr. Dennis Chubinski

The Waynedale News Staff

Doctor Dennis Chubinski

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