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Investigation Discovery’s “Call 911” producer will talk to City’s dispatcher, police officer, caller about 2005 burglary call
Investigation Discovery’s “Call 911” producer will talk to City’s dispatcher, police officer, caller about 2005 burglary call
A national television show that features remarkable 911 calls and the calm, steady voice of emergency dispatchers taped a segment in Fort Wayne on Friday, October 3rd.
Producers from Investigation Discovery’s “Call 911” program interviewed a Fort Wayne woman, Myra Lassen, who called the City’s emergency dispatch center September 23, 2005, about a burglary that took place in her home at about 3:30 in the morning. The producers also interviewed dispatcher Katrina Mace who took the call and Fort Wayne Police Officer Andy Irick who responded.

Friday’s taping was the first time Lassen met the dispatcher in person.

According to the call tape, Lassen called 911 when she heard her kitchen window break. Burglars then entered her house on Fort Wayne’s northeast side. Lassen heard the burglars coming up the stairs and hid under a desk, even while the burglars were in the room. During the 10-minute call, dispatcher Mace gave Lassen instructions to stay quiet while police were dispatched to the scene.

Fort Wayne’s 911 Communications office submitted the tape to the show, which started this summer.

“Emergency dispatchers are the connection between the scene and the responders. They must be professional yet caring in talking to people at the scene who could be in the most stressful situation of their lives while directing police, fire or paramedics to the scene,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Fort Wayne has highly skilled professionals ready to take these emergency calls 24 hours a day. It was wonderful to see our City’s dispatchers get national recognition for the service they provide in times of crisis.”

Police apprehended a juvenile suspect in the basement at Lassen’s home and found two other suspects on a foot pursuit. Police connected them to other burglaries as well.

Investigation Discovery’s “Call 911” airs on Comcast Channel 111 and Verizon FIOS Channel 123. The Fort Wayne segment is scheduled to air sometime this season.

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