Waynedale Green Alliance, a locally based organization dedicated to raising environmental awareness  is partnering with Let’s Go Green. Biz- a unique, eco-friendly fund raising concept.  The newly formed Waynedale Green Alliance seeks to bring together the citizens and businesses of Wayne dale – to recycle, reuse, seek alternative methods of transportation (carpooling), create trails, and become aware through education the economic advantage of ‘going green’.

Fort Wayne, Indiana (PR Web) June 23, 2008 – Today, a partnership between Waynedale Green Alliance and the Let’s Go Green fund raising business became a reality.  Waynedale, Indiana is not a city, but a segment of the Greater Fort Wayne, Indiana area.  Buffered on one end by the Fort Wayne International Airport and on the other by the St. Mary’s River, the area is replete with good old-fashioned family living, history, and economic and beautifying potential.

There are several groups in the Waynedale area dedicated to certain areas of the environment.  One is the Little Rivers Wetland Project, a natural habitat and wetland preservation area that just celebrated their third Open House.

However, there is no connecting area in Waynedale for those who need to know more about how ‘going green’ can not only lead to less wasteful living, but can also provide a more fruitful economic status.  The Waynedale Green Alliance seeks to bring together those individuals and organizations that are involved in recycling, reusing , finding alternative methods of transportation, and preserving the natural habitats and historical culture inherent in the Waynedale area.

The Greater Fort Wayne area is working hard on becoming a greener city, but the idea behind the concept of Waynedale Green Alliance is that sometimes less is more.  Educating, supporting, and building networks of citizens and businesses dedicated to green living can be sustained and accomplished.

The partnership with Let’sGoGreen is a crucial first step in raising the funds to do so.  Waynedale Green Alliance will be manning a booth at the Waynedale Picnic, at Waynedale Park, 2900 Koons Street,  on August 30, 2008, and will also be offering a series of lectures from area experts in this area in the fall.

Waynedale has just over 10,000 residents.  There are over 200 businesses in the Waynedale area.  Schools, churches and community organizations are all a part of this area.  Waynedale can serve as model of a small area that can go green and elevate itself in a very short time, if concentration is placed in the area.

Waynedale Green Alliance is open to all voices.


For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release please contact, April D. Langschied, Communications Director of Waynedale Green Alliance by email at aprilsmythe@gmail.com or  at 260-747-4865

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