Life Is Beautiful


What makes things special is the uniqueness of them, which for me defines beauty. Throughout history famous art pieces have been glorified as being beautiful and have gained notoriety for being so. Human creation of expression is called art but can only be known as a thing of beauty through the artist’s vision for the finished piece or the viewer’s experience of the art. Beautiful things are also non-manmade ideas, places, things and experiences

Of my individual perspective, it seems to be that everything is beautiful. Anyone can find uniqueness in everything, whether created for the purpose of wanting to be beautiful or just because it exists. The mere fact that I am experiencing life with a perceived world in it should be appreciated and thought of as being beautiful. The mindset of many in our culture has been engrained that in order for something to be beautiful it has to be accepted by everyone else or a group of people and also cannot be something that we see everyday. In which case our culture is completely wrong. Everyday objects can be just as extraordinary as things not experienced everyday.

The key to appreciating all things is taking time to understand and find uniqueness in whatever it might be. The experience of life itself is beautiful and all things inside it are just as significant. There is nothing that is more unique or beautiful than any other. Everything large or small can be appreciated for what is special about it. Even things that are mass-produced and seemingly look exactly the same as the one before it have little flaws, differences, and uniqueness to them and each are beautiful for those things.

In this society we like to put “special” things, like a rare flower or famous painting up on a figurative pedestal to explain a hierarchy of beauty, putting those “special” things at the top. The hierarchy that we have engrained in our minds places those “special” things above everything else to say that those things are better than others. It is an injustice to the live and well being of the people perceiving live to think that only a Van Gogh is great and nothing else can compare. People like to be able to label something great out of their own perception so that someone else can be sucked into thinking the same way, instead of respecting individual thought art and beauty are social norms that are looked at with a same set standards as others around them. Sure, there are some little variations based on other past experiences but generally most of the consensus when it comes to beauty is what society has taught them to appreciate and what to turn down.

Artists always want to look at the world with a “new eye” everyday to capture things with a new point of view to shake the norms of society. Real art is not done for money or fame, it is done to express a perspective. If a viewer does not appreciate it in the same way, socially it might be called not beautiful. But the real artist is not concerned with a viewer, they are concerned with their own satisfaction of creating their own beauty. Even grotesque artists call their work beautiful because to them it is their creation and they see more uniqueness in characteristics of their work than anyone.

There just is no scale of what is or isn’t beautiful, because everything is beautiful, details of uniqueness are abundant in life. Only things that are overlooked can give a perception of being without beauty. With the proper amount of time to understand everything, things that seemed insignificant become significant. The uniqueness that is found is defined as beauty.

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