Walking into WALL-E, I was expecting a lot. Pixar Animation studios always has great animated features since their first, Toy Story, but I don’t like walking into a movie with high expectations because I often set myself up for defeat. WALL-E on the other hand was everything I was expecting and more. Currently, I believe it is the best animated, if not best overall, feature of the year.

WALL-E is the story of the last working, trash-organizing robot, the titular character, after the humans have left the planet. Because of this, he has become very curious of our manmade objects, and often tries to figure out what they are, which is one of the reasons we really feel for him as a character, he’s just too cute. One day, a spaceship comes down from the sky and another white robot comes out, this is Eve, and for WALL-E, it was love at first site.

I will warn you though, this film is not for everyone. Some people will have a problem because the main character doesn’t talk. There is actually very little dialog throughout the entire movie. This means all the emotions and thoughts are created by the animators’ actions rather than through words, but regardless, the film is still very easy to understand and is very funny at times because of the language barrier. The animation is perfect though, as expected from Pixar. WALL-E runs through the entire gamut of emotions and it’s easy to identify each one.

One of the things I felt was a downside though was the use of live action. There are videos shown from the past that have actual people playing the parts. I am sure the director, who also directed Finding Nemo, had specific reasoning for this, but for me, it just felt like they didn’t belong in this animated film. Another thing that seemed to be different for me was the message of the movie. This was the first time I’ve seen Pixar just throw it out there right in front of the audience without leaving interpretation. I’m not necessarily saying this is a bad thing, it’s just not typical of Pixar.

Despite these little differences, I think WALL-E was an all around amazing film for the entire family. Kids can just sit back and enjoy an animated feature and laugh, while adults can sit back and really appreciate the story. It is interesting to watch everything unfold in this film as the robots represent different human emotions, some of them for the first time, and seeing how they react with it. Overall WALL-E was a great film that I highly recommend. It is filled with great animation, great laughs, and good movie references, including the auto-pilot being strangely familiar of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. 5 Stars

The Waynedale News Staff

Justin Sims

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