Dear Mr. Stark,


I am writing this letter because of your article in The Waynedale News about the Prairie Grove Church.

My father Charles L. Engle knew the church well. He was born in 1884 and he told me stories of when he was about 18 years old that he and his brother Arthur used to drive their buggy to Prairie Grove Church and pick up ladies their age to take them home.

This would have been around 1902. He never said when the church was built, but it was 106 years ago when they picked up their dates. They lived on Engle Road at that time. The Engle Road was named after my great grandfather Jonanas Engle because they were the first family to settle there. Their home was on the site where the Kekionga School is currently.

My father and mother lived on the corner of Bluffton and Sandpoint Roads. My oldest sister, Elaine Engle Parquet, taught the 3rd grade at Waynedale Grade School. My brother Charles A. Engle and sister Helen and myself went to Elmhurst. My wife’s family also lived in Waynedale on Bradford Street or Road. Her family’s name was Yentas.

The McCoy family used to own the Waynedale Press. I knew Vic McCoy and his sister Vi McCoy. My mother, father, sister Helen, brother Charles and my grandparents are buried at the Prairie Grove.

We enjoy getting The Waynedale News. Sometimes I see an old friend in the obits. Not many left…I am 88. Thanks for putting out a good paper.




Arnold G. Engle

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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